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Kahoot! Kids

Kahoot! Kids Playtesting Case Study

How do young kids respond to different topics and quiz formats?


Learning Letter-Sound Correspondence

Can preschool kids navigate and learn from a digital world of mini-games?

Square Panda

Sago Mini Jumps

Jump and Spell in Sago Mini School

Can a jumping mechanic be used to help kids practice letter recognition and spelling in a playful way?

Sago Mini

Animal of the Day with Google Assistant

How do kids respond to and engage with Animal of the Day?


Interracial friendships on Sesame Street

How do preschool-aged children understand and perceive race relations?

Sesame Workshop

scrapyard slice screenshot

Compound words in Scrapyard Slice

Can 1st and 2nd grade children identify compound words?

Sesame Workshop

Matching bees in Elmo’s World

Are kids able to identify the similarities and differences between objects?

Sesame Workshop